Losing your memory On Your Last days

As we grow older, we start losing our memory along with other physical complications- losing immunity and diseases, disorders. It is a irreversible effect and losing your memory is the most offensive in last days when you are trying to remember some old good memories or may be forgot your medications most often.

There are two types of memory loss- Short term memory loss and long term. Long term memory loss occurs due to brain cell damage and is more severe. In short term memory loss, we forget addresses, phone numbers, names etc.

losing your memory at old age

losing your memory at old age

On this feature researchers have established that average old people have brain trouble due to energy crisis. In these studies they found that when a person turn 40 about 30 percent of their brain cells are lost, so, is the energy and when a person more than 50 years old about half of his brain energy is lost. Scientists have established that the main reason of energy crisis in brain is we don’t have a diet that contains sufficient vital nutrients. These nutrients are needed for increasing the neuron transmission process between brain and full body. So, they frequently have problem with mental strength and can’t concentrate, can’t remember important details and have mental exhaustion.

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